Practice and Expertness

Commercial Law

  • Preparation, analysis and  annotation of commercial-legal contracts
  • Law of commercial companies and cooperatives (its foundations, change of legal form, liquidation and cancelation, increase and decrease of registered capital , relationships between members of the company)
  • Representation in proceedings before the Commercial register of  district courts
  • Ensuring the alterations entered in the Register of Companies and Register of Trades
  • Out-of-court settlement of business disputes
  • Representation in all types of proceedings under the Commercial Code, particularly exaction of matured claims in court and executive proceedings
  • Exaction of claim

Criminal Law

  • Qualified participation and the protection of client’s rights during entire criminal procedure
  • Evidence investigation for the purpose of the client’s protection
  • Representation of accused persons in criminal procedure
  • Representation of aggrieved persons in criminal procedure
  • Working - out of complex legal analysis
  • Qualified formation of complaints, claims and other petitions

Civil Law

  • Preparation, analysis and  annotation of civil contracts (purchase contract, gift covenants, contract for work, loan contract, borrowing contract, leases, subleases, mandate contracts, agency contract and association contract)
  • Property law ( its acquirement, duration and loss, Expropriation, Co-ownership, Neighbourly disputes, Flats and Non-residential premises, Real estate cadastre)
  • Easements (Right of lien, Real burden, retaining lien)
  • Real estate law (Formation of sales agreements, gift covenants and other civil contracts, Cession and leasehold)
  • Land Law (Settlement of proprietorial relations in the real estate area and their cessions
  • Family law (divorce, aliments, settlement of undivided co-ownership of married couples, adoption, custody)

Administration Law

  • Administrative justice
  • Offence procedure
  • Action on Trade Register