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“On-line legal service” or “e-lawyering” is one of the most expanding forms of legal services providers. The pioneer in the field of e-lawyering Stephen Kimbro, member of ABAs eLawyering Task Forceide, characterized online legal service as a reliable, safe and professional form of providing legal services available in any area with the Internet access.

Majority of the public do not use services of qualified lawyer. The reason is the price of these services which is regarded as too expensive. For this reason, the public often prefer and rely on an advice of friends, their experiences, alt. use ordinary and inappropriate samples or contracts available on the Internet. Omission of professional advice may often cause legal problems ending in long-term legal disputes that are much more expensive than using legal advice.

Law office of JUDr. Ivan Hric decided to enable its Internet users to solve legal problems trough the on-line legal service. “On-line legal advice” enables you to ask questions from the field of law and to get legal answer.

Law office guarantees:

  • qualified legal advice (professional team of lawyers and external consultants)
  • absolute maintaining your anonymity (the attorney is bounded by law to confidentiality)
  • save your time and money

The price of legal advice – online is 20, - € (twenty Euro).

Guidance (please note):

Qualified legal advice is considered to be reply of law office to the question send by email. It contains brief overview of the situation, legal possibilities, their solutions, recommended legal steps, alt. further instructions. Overall length of the legal advice is max. 1500 signs (cca 15 lines of the text). Please see an example.

On-line legal advice will contain assumed price upon request if client take interest in specific legal service recommended by our Law Office. Please, note that legal advice does not involve specific documents (pleading, legal actions, contracts and the like), these are made after the mutual agreement between our law office and the client and they are charged separately according to Justice Ministry of the Slovak Republic Public Notice No. 655/2004 Coll. regarding attorney fees and reimbursements for providing legal services. Decision about using of legal advice or not is up to the client a we will fully respect it. However, if client chooses to use legal services of Law Office, payment for providing legal advice counts in to the total fee of the attorney.

Please, write your legal problem into the form Question“.

Then fill in Full Name“ and  Domicile/residence”. In case you are natural person please provide your business name as well as  Identification number” in a separate line.

Do not forget to fill in Symbol“  by the set of 5 numbers according to your choice. It is important to remember this symbol because it has to be used as a variable symbol in the settlement of an electronic invoice. It will help us to assign your question to corresponding payment.

However, the field “E-mail“ is compulsory, without the insertion of your e-mail address we won‘t be able to send you the answer.

Payment for On-line legal advice” reimburses either by the account transfer, account deposit or by money order – order type „A“ on the account number: 1907831659/0200, VÚB, a.s

The reply will be send to you in two workdays from the payment receiving. Keeping the date is guaranteed by Law Office.


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