Attorney Fees

Attorney fees for legal services rendered are determined according to Justice Ministry of the Slovak Republic Public Notice No. 655/2004 Coll. regarding attorney fees and reimbursements for providing legal services.
According to Provision §1 Sec. 2 of the above mentioned regulation, the attorney’s fee is determined by an agreement between the attorney and client (referred as "contractual fee"); if no agreement can be come to, provisions of this regulation concerning the tariff fee are used to determine the attorney's fee. Contractual fee can be as follows:

Flat fee
A fee determined for complete handling of matters or a set of matters or to provide legal services either during a certain time period or for an indefinite time.

Tariff fee
A fee which is determined according to the value or type of matter covered in the tariff or based on the law and the number of legal acts performed by the attorney.

Hourly fee
A fee based on the number of hours required to render a legal service

Percentage fee

A fee agreed in a form of cash percentage of the value involved in proceedings before the Court or other body. The maximum amount cannot exceed 20% of the value involved in the matter.